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Real Estate Agents, Trustees, Brokers & Fiduciary Partnership Program

Serve your clients' best interests. Sell with Zero.

We partner with Real Estate Agents, Trustees, Brokers & other Fiduciary Professionals to help sell properties, for your clients, at top dollar, on your client’s schedule, while saving time and cost.

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How does SellWithZero's partnership program work?

Our partnership program allows agents to add an additional service option to offer their clients and creates a new and lucrative revenue stream. We’ll discuss your client situation with you, in confidence, and show you the benefits of the program to get the property sold for top dollar and saving your clients thousands of dollars.

You can be as involved with the process as you and your clients desire or 100% hands off.

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We can collaborate on one property and also looking for long term strategic partners who want to assist their clients or liquidate an entire book of assets, all using an effective proven process.

We handle all transactions from luxury estates to problem listings. Problem listings include:

  • Biggest property in the neighborhood
  • Unique property
  • Large land tracts where buyers want smaller tracts
  • Been on market for extended period of time
  • Time is of the essence
  • Settling an estate
  • Property has been vacant for a long time
  • Seller wants to free up cash quickly

How do you fit in?

Our services go beyond just real estate sales for your clients. We offer a comprehensive solution and can help families, trustees, and personal representatives with estate settlement, downsizing, and full asset liquidation, including fine art, collectibles, coins, and vehicles.

Trust us to handle all estate needs, both personal and real property, using our transparent, efficient, and prompt auction method.

We assist corporate agents and asset managers in navigating complex and difficult scenarios. For those requiring resolution of singular and demanding problems, we offer our expertise.

Our extensive range of services, which includes appraisals, inventory valuation, and liquidation for both consumer and business clients, complement our real estate offerings.

We support private, professional, or court-appointed fiduciaries in their responsibilities of overseeing and disposing of assets belonging to others. Our process is maintained to the strictest standards of professionalism and openness, specifically in the sale of both real estate and personal property assets. Our offerings allow parties to attain market value for their property efficiently and transparently, and we provide the necessary documentation to demonstrate that the sales are in line with “commercial reasonableness” and accurately reflect the property’s value.

Tired of wasting money on unproductive listings and struggling to sell overpriced properties?

At SellWithZero, we help agents transform these listings into sales through our partner programs and referral plans. Our team has helped numerous agents effortlessly convert challenging properties and clients without having to endure years of hard work and experimentation. We have collaborated with agents across North America to offer auction services to their clients and can do the same for you.

The process is simple:

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Step One

Contact Us.

Fill the form out below, and we’ll contact you first to discuss the program in detail.

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Step Two

Let's Meet.

With your approval, we will arrange for a joint meeting with you and your client to review the program in detail – together.

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Step Three

Sign Up!

Once you sign the auction listing agreement, we’ll begin to prepare for auction day!

Benefits of Working Together

For Your Clients

  • Zero Seller commissions, saving them thousands!
  • A marketing program well beyond the MLS – gaining thousands of potential bidder interest.
  • No contingencies (no repairs needed).
  • Sell the property on their schedule, with their terms, with no hassle.
  • No repairs or improvements necessary. No contractor follow-ups. Property sold as-is.
  • Selling the property on your client’s timeline, not the market demand.
  • No property inspections and unwelcome surprises.

For Real Estate Agents, Trustees, Brokers & Fiduciaries

  • Earn Referrals! You will receive buyer leads generated from your client's transaction.
  • You will build trust and confidence by offering alternative options to your clients.
  • We do the work, you earn a commission of up to 30% of the Buyer's Premium. Be as involved with the process as you desire.
  • Agents and brokers earn commission as a referring agent, or as the buyer’s agent, sometimes both.
  • We help you serve your fiduciary responsibility to your client with the assurance that the property will be sold at true market value.
  • Property is sold on your client’s schedule in an open, transparent, competitive bidding format.
  • It exposes the property to many potential purchasers worldwide online, as well as at live auctions.
  • Successful auctions often result in referrals and return business.
  • No contingencies, meaning after the auction is over, there’s no chasing contractors and negotiating costly repairs — saving you time and your clients money!

Property Types Ideal for Auction

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Residential(Single Family & Multi-Unit)

SellWithZero Icon showing Commercial Property

Commercial & Industrial Properties

SellWithZero Icon showing Agricultural Property

Agricultural Land(including multi-parcel)

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Historic & Unique Properties

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Luxury Properties

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What About Personal Property?

SellWithZero is a part of Virginia licensed, Blue Box Auction Gallery (Firm License #1086).

Blue Box Auction Gallery can also help your clients with cleanouts, downsizing, donations and turning valuable personal property into cash — at auction!

Services for full estate liquidation, including fine art, collectibles, coins, and vehicles.

Our professional auction services provide an excellent way to convert assets into cash quickly in a worldwide market. We can also provide valuation services for estates, divorce, business liquidations, and other unique situations.

Our solution is fully turnkey and provides for a fast closing and expands your — and your client’s — earning potential.

Your Client. Your Relationship.

Your existing relationships are held in high regard. You have the option to maintain and strengthen these connections by actively participating in the process and dealings to the extent that you feel comfortable.

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What Else?

We aim to familiarize you with our procedures and ensure that your client(s) feel at ease. Don’t let the lack of knowledge about the auction process hold you back from maximizing profits for your clients.

Enhance your professional support and assist your clients in reaching their objectives by reaching out to us for a confidential and obligation-free assessment of assets suitable for auction. Our team will promptly respond to your inquiries with professionalism and confidentiality.

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